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Dual Exhaust? For Looks not performance.

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Poll - Dual Exhaust - Civic?

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What do you guys think about dual exhauts for a civic? I know there wouldn't be any performance gain - more or less just weight gain. However, for look purposes, what you think?


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dual exhausts are gay...but if they are designed correctly, they will function just as well as any other exhaust would. It's not the drop in backpressure that hurts performance, because that doesn't make any don't want any backpressure in a perfectly functioning exhaust
Juggles said:
Too much drop in backpressure results in a loss of lower end torque and sometimes, an unstable idle. The best dual exhaust would be from the cat to a muffler, to a y-pipe, and then to the exits. This way you'll get the look without too much drop in backpressure. It'll save you money too.
backpressure is defined as resistance to flow, which is not good....the reason there is a drop in torque is not because of backpressure it's because of the pressure change from the cylinder to the exhaust system...when you increase the piping size (actually it's the area, but we'll just put it in simple terms:D) the air velocity slows (not because of backpressure)...when a fluid, like gas slows down, the pressure gets higher and then the pressure drop from the cylinder to the exhaust passage is less and that robs the torque. Backpressure will just slow down the fluid flow even more creating even less of a pressure drop and then you loose more power. You've been learned my friends:D
Juggles said:
So basically you've added your own definition to backpressure and said what's already been said.

backpressure doesn't = cylinder pressure-exhaust pressure

backpressure=resistance to flow

if you don't believe me, I'll just shut up and let you think the wrong thing...if you do believe me, then you can learn something new...choice is yours:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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