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Dual Exhaust? For Looks not performance.

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Poll - Dual Exhaust - Civic?

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What do you guys think about dual exhauts for a civic? I know there wouldn't be any performance gain - more or less just weight gain. However, for look purposes, what you think?


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Don't listen to 98LXCivic...he's gay:D Just messin...sup mang? I say go with whatever you want. I'm thinking about doing the same thing. If you decided not to though, you could always put a tow hook there or something.
What about the Buddy Club rear? I don't know how well it would match up with the BW sides, but I think it's a tight back bumper.
Let us know what you find? What front end did you have in mind? I really like the sinsei front end. posted the "Mortal Kombat" car. I love that kit. I like his grill a lot too. Did you get my last email?
LOL Yep, there's always one. WTF was he talking about anyway? But yeah, I asked that guy where he got it, and I think he said he found it in his dad's garage or something. LOL...I just think it looks cool because it's solid looking.
Never really noticed, but I'll try to send you some new pics pretty soon.
Did you ever decide what kit you were going to get? Hit me up with an email when you get a chance.
1 - 7 of 44 Posts
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