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Dual Exhaust? For Looks not performance.

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Poll - Dual Exhaust - Civic?

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What do you guys think about dual exhauts for a civic? I know there wouldn't be any performance gain - more or less just weight gain. However, for look purposes, what you think?


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Do whatever you like. I wouldn't do it though. It's more expensive, hurts performance due to too much drop in back pressure, weighs more, and people who know what makes a fast rice burner would probably laugh at it. You'd probably be happier with a high quality cat-back.
Too much drop in backpressure results in a loss of lower end torque and sometimes, an unstable idle. The best dual exhaust would be from the cat to a muffler, to a y-pipe, and then to the exits. This way you'll get the look without too much drop in backpressure. It'll save you money too.
Yeah, weight gains too... but I was just sticking to the backpresssure issue.
So basically you've added your own definition to backpressure and said what's already been said.
Egad, my ego is in shambles. I don't really care.
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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