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What colour is your Si/SiR??????

(Place up Pics if available):D
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mine is a Milano red by the way
EBP the fastest one :D
Glorious Blue
Vogue Silver Metallic here. It's the ONLY way to fly.
EBP, and no its not purple! I had pics on, but that crap crashed without notice and i lost the pics!
Here is a little description:
I got shaved inner tail lights with Mitsubishi Eclipse Reverse Lights in place and all emblems shaved.
Electric M3 mirrors
Side markers
OEM wing
Had a few sets of rims, was lowered, had intake and exhaust, but sold it all. Won't need that stuff anyways, now that i have decided on the turbo route!
FBP (look at the name BLKsi66)
Blue is played out, j/k I got a Black one.
chalk another one up for EBP...theres 2 small pics in my sig but i will post more when i wash it.
ok... guys in Blue are faster ( :rolleyes: )....but who is keeping track of this poll??......:confused:
i got a black one, but once i am getting the new si i am gonna get it white with white rims :D
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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