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divinewisdom said:
ok i know all of you didnt just read all of that. so i just spent the last 10 mins reading it for you.

heres a summary:
-chris pook, from CART, and DON PANOZ from the le mans series are planning on a "marriage" of the 2 series.
this means that possible taht DON PANOZ could buy some of the stock of CART.
- this team up will run the miam downtown area. possibly 3 series going in one action packed weekend. CART,LeMans, adn TramsAM.
-this partnership could extend to other cities. but only in consideration right now.

-the rest is just jibberrish.
I heard the other track they''re teaming up is the D.C race. I think it's great both are teaming up. Most fans who follow CART also follow ALMS and vice versa. So it makes good business sense. Obviously, both series struggled one way or another. Sports car racing went into nonexistent with the split of IMSA back in the early 90s but with the help of Don Panoz and LeMans, they have brought back the haydays of sports car racing. Hopefully with the help from ALMS, CART could get out of this black hole and bury Tony George's minor league racing once and for all.:)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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