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The first "Shooting brake" based on Porsche-911 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow, next March 1th.

Protoscar SA has developed this special coachbuilder-version with particular attention to the street-legal requirements: in fact this bodystyle can be realized on any Porsche 911 coupe' - 996 type. A small production is foreseen, and personalization is possible according to customers wishes.
The first "911 Shooting brake" has been realized for the Swiss company Derendinger, in order to underline its 75th anniversary.

Derendinger AG is the Swiss national market-leader in garage equipment and distribution of car spare parts for professionals (car dealers and garages).

Because one of the first components to be distributed by Derendinger back in 1930 were brakes, this anniversary-vehicle is equipped with very special components like the MOVIT brakes, which allowed to obtain a record braking performance for street-legal cars. In fact the vehicle was tested by Formula 1 driver Marc Surer, obtaining a deceleration of 2,9 seconds from 120 km/h (Swiss highway max. speed) to stillstand.

At the Geneva Motorshow 2005, the "Shooting brake" can be seen at the Derendinger booth # 7070, in hall 7

Source: Auto index and Protoscar
Pics on their website. They're flash, and so i couldn't just copy and paste them here.

Basically, this company takes many popular sports cars and such and turns them into wagons. End result is something very weird :eek:.
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