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this set up makes 480+
B18c1 Motor
JG Intake Manifold
BBK 70mm Throttle Body
1200cc RC Injectors
AEBS Fuel Rail
ITR Head Port & Polish
Ferrea Valve Springs
AEBS Cam Gears
Custom Turbo Manifold
T70 Inovative Turbo Ball Bearing
46mm Tial Wastegate
Tial Blowoff Valve
3" Polished Intercooler Piping
3.5" Stainless Steel Down Pipe
AEBSOne Peice T-Sleve
84mm Ross Piston w/ Rings & Ristpin
Pauter Rods
Tilton Flywheel
Tilton Carbon Carbon Clutch
AEBS Type R Trans
Quaife LDS
AEBS Head Studs
AEBS Main Studs
Cometic Head Gasket
AEBS O-Ring Block
Type R Crank
Moroso Oil Pan
Moroso Pick Up
AEBS Electric Water Pump
AEBS Cam Seal
Manley 1/2mm over S/S Valves
Crane Cam Spark Plug Wires
MSD Digital 7 Ignition
Autrounic SMII
BBK Short Shifter
BBK Solid Trans Bushing for Short Shifter
Custom Motor Mount Inserts
Hyper Ground System, Spoon Oil Cap
Custom Valve Cover
Custom Gas Tank
SX Fuel Pump
SX Regulator
Earl's Steel Braided Lines
Greddy Oil Catch Can
XS GTR Intercooler
Tanabe Racing Exhaust

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This will be by steps
1. Sell current car.
2. Sell a few organs
3. Go buy a 2005 Chevy Corvette

Sorry just so general I had to do it. I would take 350whp in my Evo. 350 is a bit overkill in a daily civic, when I had mine I just wanted around 200whp max.
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