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im just tired of seeing all the same threads in this forum......ill start

ls/vtec...bottom end
bored .020 over
eagle rods
entire rotating assembly balanced
je 11:5:1 forged pistons
je rings
arp mainstuds
arp headstuds
ctr crank pulley
gsr windage tray and oil pan
type r water and oil pumps

gsr head
hondata intake manifold gasket
3 angle valve job
supertech springs
skunk2 retainers
ferrea high comp. valves
skunk2 intake mani.
RMF header
buddy club spec 4s

jdm b16 y1

lets see what u guys ar running :)

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2000 Civic Si, with built 2000 Integra Type R engine
Head is ported and polished,
Crower rods,
JE pistons,
12:1 compression,
Skunk 2 stage 2 cams,
REV Valves springs and retainers,
skunk 2 intake manifold,
Act flywheel,
RPS six puck sprung hub clutch,
AEM cam gears,
AEM fuel rail,
STR cam seal,
NGK iridium plugs,
NGK ignition wires,
K2 cold air intake,
throttle body spacer,
JDM ITR 4-1 headers,
APC catback exhaust system.

440cc injectors and chipped p28 on order should be here by Friday.

Next upgrades: AEM fuel filter, AEM fpr, and walboro 255lph fuel pump

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5thgen lude
jspec black top H
type s cams
type s pistons
prospeed header
apexi n1
act six puck
11lbs fly
195whp witout tunning.

also safc II which is wat i was gone "tune" with and call it a day.

this car is long gone though.

a friend of mine had a black gutted coupe civic with an H22a4 with an siR II ecu....
we took off, i was ahead of him by a bumper or at least half that long ass hood, till bout 135 when he slowly started to nose up....

afterwards i copped a civic with an h22a4 which i was gone go with custom 2.5exh. and rmf header..but i never got to it.

that car is gone too.

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awesome guys, keep em coming......i am also interested what numbers thatguy4life put down :w00tz

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tienlude said:
you should post more pics of her :ninja

Yo what did you do with your lude man?

ALL motor setup:

Stock k24

sitting on the garage floor: comptech icebox, exhaust and header

future: hondata and possibly a S/C ( thats if i don't buy a new car this year :ninja )

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repo man. i was going thru some things, and i thought wat the hell, and repo man got it...i only owed 3k on it. one of my boys told me he would have paid it off for me if he had known i was fukin up like that.

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99 Civic Si
Stock Block
Bored 0.25 over to clean up
CTR Pistons
Head Shaved .007
new valves and guides
Greddy Airinx Intake
DC full exhaust with 4-2-1 header
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
MSD coil with Nology wires and iridum plugs

future plans....
Intake Manifold and TB
RC 310cc injectors
some sort of tuning program....
Stage 2 Cams....with some Springs and retainers

its nothin special....

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Yoshimitshu said:
im guessing a little over 200
I haven't dynoed her yet, on account on I've been working out some bugs since I've swapped her. I'm down to the last one now where she's still bogging at 5500rpm's but I only have one last option to check which is the fuel pump. I'm hoping for at least 250. Should be ordering the fuel pump next week and hopefully if that fixes the problem I'll be throwing her up on the dyno and getting her tuned got 6 free hours coming to me.

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ive seen like 260 all motor from a b series........but itwas a 2 liter and it had itbs and jun cams,and a hytech heder....i believe it was on pump gas too

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Bottem end
99 Usdm Type-r(b18c5) Stock bottem end..A0-p73 pistons

1995 JDM B18C Head
-Crower Full Rave Dual Valvesprings / Ti- Retainers
-Crane Rocker Arms
-Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams
-Buddy Club Cam gears
-Head's milled alittle over 0.020
-Ferrea High Compression Stainless Steal flat face valves
-Sparks 4-1 Race header 2.5'' collector
-Tsudo Full Race N1 2.5 Catback
-Custom made 2.5 Test/Flex pipe
-Port match skunk2 manifold w/ hondata gasket
-NGK plugs/wires
-Hypertech Grounding kid
-Removed ac/ps
-excedy stage 2 Clutch
-Sucky GSR tranny
-Stock itr tb (about to go to 68mm)
Est CR 11.8~12.1

Crome pro tuned by myself and a Friend on a chipped p28
Rocking the ostrich :p (93 oct shell v-power FTW)

Neuspeed racing springs
Falken ziex's 205/60/16's
RS limited 16'' White racing rims..

Best E.T 13.8
best trap ever in the car 103.23

Most power i've seen on the dyno??

217whp at 8600rpms..

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Snoopy said:
at the crank sure :hehe
Guess I should've specified yea at the crank, I'm hoping between 190-210 to the wheels
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