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Powdercoating Rims

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Hey peeps, my car is in the process of being repainted to white (from black) and I was wondering if you guys think it would be kool to have my stock (01) rims to be powder coated to grey/ash?
I don't have the money to buy set of new rims (even cheap ones)
cuz I just spent all my money on the paint job. I think it will look really nice but I have never seen it done? Opinions plz thx. Oh I plan on lowering it with H&R (1.75 front and 1.5 rear right?) and tinting windows will be after the paintjob..(for now) what you guys think? thx again.
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i think 2001 rims look fine the way they are.
Hey esper Iam from vancouver too! What colour/year/model is your ride? Are you still in school or in the workfeild?
i have a silver v6 coupe, got it late 2000. i was pretty choked when i saw the 2001's... it had nicer rims, front bumper and more features....

only 19, 2nd year at UBC...
Esper, would you be interested in buying a 01 front bumper that has no grill? And its in black so you have to repaint it to silver. And as for the 00 model, they do have one advantage over the 01s, the oem lip is pretty nice imo.. have you seen franks? His red 00 looks pretty nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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