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power antennas

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as you can see my shits all messed up and loud so id really like to at least pull it out if i dont buya replacement soon. i was gonna turn on the radio (so it would be extended if it worked) pull the antenna out (like im gonna replace it) and then turn off the radio and cut the power antenna wire. But im wonderin if thatll ruin the motor, which seems to be working fine and i dont really want to replace it(?)
thanks for the help

1990 integra if it matters...
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go to the headunit and get the wire there
or there might be a fuse for it
yeah but see i also want to get the mast out cause it looks like shit but i dont want to break the motor adn cant really get a replacement quickly
how the hell did that happen? i don`t have a clue on that ... i`m sure if you took it to an acura dealer .. they could get it off ...
Same thing happened to me (road rage argument, i speed away and the dude grabed the antenea and it broke :mad: ).

Now I have no antenea (which was a power anttena).

Anybody have a clue as to what this would cost to replace at the honda dealership?
well i know i can get it out (just pull it out like if you were going to replace a not broken one) but i never listen to the radio so i dont need it and i dont really feel like buying a new/replacement antenna, so id just drive around with no antenna at all. but i wont do it if it will ruin the motor, which still thats basically my question

95AccordV6 - teh antenna alone costs around 75 from a dealership..i dunno about labor, but i wouldnt expect it to be less than 20
i would just have the dealer replace it then..
My antenna is fucked up too. I opened it up yesterday and saw this tube that looked like a vacum line, but it was un hooked and i couldn't find a place for it. Can that be the cause for my power antenna not going down? Does anyone know how to fix it anyways?
i dont understand what youre saying
I pulled back the trunk liner and i can see the antenna housing, that roundish lookin thing, well there's like a clear hose running from it, but it was not attached to anything on the other end. So is that a vacum line? oh, it's also a 93 accord lx.
The hose is a drain for water. It usually runs down inside the rear quarter panels. There should be a place for it on the bottom of the power antenna, just gotta look for it.

As for the mast issue, the best thing to do is just like you said, turn the radio on, and as the motor is trying to extend the antenna (which is already extended), you can pull it the rest of the way out. That is what is done to replace the antenna mast at any car audio shop.

Once you get the mast out, unplug the power connector that goes to the power antenna. If you pull back the side lining in the trunk, you should see the power connector that goes to the antenna.

The motor should be fine, but if you are not going to replace the mast, why worry about the motor.

Let me know how you make out...

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