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Power Door Locks

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My power door locks stopped working again! This happend before about a year ago and the delaer fixed it cause it was under warenty still. But now they stopped working again. Anyone know what it could be?
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No idea, but rip everything apart and see if all the wires are still in place.
if the dealer replaced a part than that part should have a lifetime
warranty on it but I don't know if the warranty applys if you got the car fixed under warranty the first time.
hope this helps
Did all of them quit working at the same time? Take a look at what they fixed. It is probably just a wire that came loose.
Yea everything stopped working at once. first i thought it was a fuse, so I checked that, but it wasn't. Thinking it might be a relay or something. Just wondering if anyone had this problem before?
All I can say is check your helms of haynes wiring diagram. I will try and look in mine and see if I can help.
it might be a relay or it also might be a bad ground... check them too...
...Still looking for my book, I just referenced it this weekend when I installed my coilovers so it can't be too far in hiding.
It's not a fuse and I looked for a bad ground but wasn't sure what wire I was looking for. I shaked all the wires around thinking that maybe something might be loose, but still nothing! I wish I kept the paperwork form ACURA when they fixed it before so I could see what they replaced or fixed.
you can go back to the dealer to get the paperwork they should
hold your paperwork for 3 years.
I think I'm going to do that! Does Acura Warrenty there repairs?
Even though it's been over a yerar ago when they fixed it?
Take a look under your dash. There should be a box next to your fuse box. That is the device that controls the power locks. Check for any loose wires or wires that are disconnected around there.

Let us know if you see anything. My guess is maybe when you got in you could have knocked something loosed with your foot?

Also check the wires that go from your door to the main body of the car. When you open and close your doors over time it makes the wires weaken. It could have broken one.
some parts have a lifetime warrenty.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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