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Power Inversion

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I need to have an AC power tap in my car. It needs to support 150-200 watts of power(at the MAX 250).

I need to have this "tap" in the trunk of my car. Any suggestions as far as how to wire it up and with what? I was thinking that if I run a fused 10 gauge power lead to my trunk from the battery (like an amp power cable) that would be sufficent for the power draw I'd have. Anyone have the 'matrix' that shows you what gauge wire to run for a given distance & wattage? How about invertors? Any suggestions? I know I could get a basic invertor that uses a cigarette plug, but that just wouldn't be cool enough for me ;). Also, I'd like this to be switched from the cabin.

fyi - i'm working on my in-car computer setup which is why i asked....
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