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Everyone is encouraged to submit tech info or how to posts to be added in FAQS as long as it is Prelude specific. If you see a thread you feel belongs in FAQS, please click on the "Report this post to a moderator" button and we will place it here if it is good info.

When Posting questions to the forum be sure to have a clear title , with model / year included, dont worry about using too many words. Most people first sentence inside the post is a perfect subject title. But they use a "Hey how bout this" , blank statements , vague questions like "Intakes" Then you see First line What about AEM Intakes. Topic should have been "AEM Intakes , plus what year and car you have." Incorrect posts might be deleted.


-HOW TO: 92-96 JDM Power Folding Mirrors
-HOW TO: 92-96 Prelude JDM climate control
-HOW TO: 92-96 Prelude JDM One Piece Headlight Conversion with USDM Harness
-HOW TO: 92-96 Prelude Moonroof Conversion Install Guide
-HOW TO: 97-01 Prelude MSD igntion install + Blaster 2 coil
-HOW TO: Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion
-HOW TO: Lower your seats
-HOW TO: Carbon Clean: Seafoam [restore horsepower]
-HOW TO: Change master and slave cylinders.
-HOW TO: Change your manual transmission fluid.
-HOW TO: Clean and Polish your Exhaust Ports When installing your header.
-HOW TO: Compression Test
-HOW TO: Cure shock knock.
-HOW TO: Degreeing your camshafts for installation
-HOW TO: Euro R intake manifold install
-HOW TO: Flush your motor oil / degunk / clean it [helps smooth idle]
-HOW TO: H22 Auto Tensioner to H23 Manual Tensioner Conversion
-HOW TO: H22A swap into a Prelude Si.
-HOW TO: Install an Aftermarket header.
-HOW TO: Install an Aftermarket Ignition on 4th gen
-HOW TO: Install a CAI
-HOW TO: Install JDM fogs.
-HOW TO: Install a Lightweight battery.
-HOW TO: Install a Short Shift adapter in 4g Prelude.
-HOW TO: Install a genuine S2000 engine start button.
-HOW TO: Install Tanabe Sustec Underbrace for 4g Prelude. Plus Review.
-HOW TO: Install Type-R DC2 Shift Boot , Great for aftermarket shifters
-HOW TO: Legend Twin piston calipers onto 5th gen
-HOW TO: Pull CEL Codes
-HOW TO: Replace Cam Seal
-HOW TO: Replace Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
-HOW TO: Replace Fuel Filter (4th Gen)
-HOW TO: Replace Oil Cooler Gasket
-HOW TO: Remove silver part of headlight on 5th gen Prelude
-HOW-TO: Remove your big ugly 4th gen Steering Wheel
-HOW TO: SH Shiftboot and aluminum trim rings and speaker grills.
-HOW TO: Tuck engine bay wires
-HOW TO: Quickly Change Manual Transmission fluid & Whats the best oil to use in it.
-HOW TO: Valve adjustments.

Lost Motion Assemblies (LMA's) explained

4th Gen online repair manual
-4th Gen Prelude Online Repair Manual
-4th gen Repair manual in HTML format
-USDM 4th gen prelude 4ws writeup.

-Car has trouble starting, takes a while
-Emission Inspections 101 : ways to get around the system. Now including California!
-Keep your hand clean, solution tip

-Aftermarket Pulleys Discussion
-Are lightweight Flywheels worth it?
-Basic Guide to Motor Modifications
-Best Gas to use in your car.
-Best H22 Header Thread. (find the best header for the h22 motor)
-ECU Fueling 101 -How turbos work.
-OBD2 to OBD1 Conversion
-Turbos vs. Superchargers.
-What exhausts are available for my Lude?
-What puts the motor in Limp Mode?
-What oil are you using: H22 Reliability Poll
-Where can I get a lightweight battery?
-Where can I get stuff CHEAP???
-Where to get genuine Honda parts and accessories for your Prelude.
-Where to buy wheels, wheel weight info, and offset information!
-Where to purchase engines.

-4th gen S, Si and Vtec dyno chart one graph
-Differences between the base model and the Type SH.
-General camber information.
-H22A general information.
-H23 and H22 Valve clearances.
-How does VTEC work?
-How do I post pics?
-The Official H/F series piston/rod/crank/block specs and CR thread
-Prelude engine codes and where to find them.
-Prelude stock specs.
-Spark plug gap
-Wheel weight guide.

Non-tech FAQ
-92-96 Prelude Exhaust pictures and Sound clips
-97-01 Prelude Exhaust pictures and Sound clips
- SHO Members Projector Retrofits
-SHO Member's Rides

Lookatme Suspension Theory Thread
Wheel Rim Offsets for 5th Gen prelude!

-Crower Stage 2 camshafts.
-Suspension Techniques sway bars

Some Info For Modding Your 3rd Gen Prelude
Links to Modifying Your 3rd Gen prelude

Prelude Videos

Top 10 Fastest SHO Preludes:
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