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Price of installing turbo

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I was just wondering how much money i need to save additional to the cost of the turbo kit.

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Greddy - 3k + install + cooling stuff... you are looking at ~4-5k

just get a jr super... your engin will last a lot longer, save you some gas too...
how hard would it be to install it myself... how long will it take?
expect as low as 300 dollars to as high as a thousand... but remember, in most places, you get what you pay for.
for a good job expect around 700.
if you have someone else do it, you'll have someone else to blame when things go wrong.
and don't waste your money on a jrsc please.
im getting mine installed and tuned for 540, done by a guy that knows what he's doing
find a friend that has already done one and have him assist you as you put it will help you to understand more about your car and where things are...also you can have the glory of answering with No I did it myself(plus have a couple extra bucks in your pocket)
when the kit i want acutally comes out (and have the money to buy it). im gonna pay 500 for install and about 200 for tuning.......
oh and superchargers use up more gas than turbos.........cause superchargers are always in boost....and turbo's are not..........
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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