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pro or sport?

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what are some differences between the Eibach pro-kit springs and the sportline? Are these springs capable of supporting thingz after a B16, B18, H22a swap. lot of ppl recommend pro-kit/koni yellow combo, should i wait until the swap meet happens.
any suggestions

00'civic Lx (SE)
I/H/E-2.25"pipe w/cat
16"tsw-7spoke w/40's
oem fog lights
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OK, the Pro line sits higher than the Sport line. Ths Pro line will keep you from bottoming out your nose most times if you have a after market front bumper installed. If you have questions on the proper springs for your car then give their tech guys a call.1-800-222-8811. They help me a bunch in my selection and can tell you what you'll need and what works. I opted for the more expensive route and bought front springs for an Inegra and rear springs for a Civic.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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