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I have a question for all the computer guru's...
Everytime I attempt to download something, no matter what site it's on, as long as it's not peer-to-peer, I get this message:
Error Locating Object Handler

There is no viewer available for the object you are trying to open. The following information is available about this object:

Address Of Object: (whatever site I'm trying to download from)
Content Type: Application/Octet-Stream
Possible Location Of Viewer: Microsoft Active X Gallery
Then it asks:
Do you want to go to this location to download a viewer for this type of object?

So I click YES, it takes me to the Microsoft Download Center, and I click on Active X Control Gallery.

What do I need to find? Because it seems to me, if I need to download something just to be able to "download" anything, it isn't possible.

If this makes any sense, can anybody help me?

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krillz said:
he cant DOWNLOAD anything, thats the problem
haha...oh yea..duh :p

um..hold on..let me think of something

EDIT: hmm..well i hate to say it..but unless he's got an installer for ie..or can get it from somebody else...formatting and reinstalling the os seems to be the only way
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