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A while back i got into an accident. I got the car back and thought everything was fine.
i try to use the windsheild sprayers and they dont work...the wipers just go back and forth. On top of that, the same day i was comming home from napa/sonoma and i wanted to use my cruise control. I turn it on and the wipers start going back and forth... and its not holding speed...The vacume line is connected to the intake manifold like i should be... all the wiring looks like its attached and everything seems to be in decent condition...AAARRRGGG!!!

Just a little background on the accident-

while making a left turn a taxi cab attempted to pass me on the left on a 2 lane street hitting my left front side damaging the fender, headlight, bumper, half the grill, and knocks my cars alighnment off in the left front wheel... i take it to my insurance company's recomended body shop, they seem to have fixed everything but this... i was thinking of going back to them, but its been 6-9 months already... do you think i should bring it back to them?
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