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problems w/ heat

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my integra seems to have a little temperature problem. when im sitting in traffic, the temperature gauge goes up. however, when i rev my engine just a little, the temp goes down a lot for a short time, then rises back up. whats up besides the temperature? im gonna go check to see if the fan even comes on now, but y would reving my engine even just a little lower the temperature? thanks, ne suggestions r appreciated.
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maybe by revving it a little your making the coolent flow more?
or your gauge could be broke
Have you tried the simple things. Coolant level and mixture? It may be as simple as a stuck thermostat.

Running hot at idle and cool at speed is normally a problem that I face when working on hot rods with mechanical fans (attached to the water pumps). You pass more air when you are at speed rather than at idle.
pardon the newbe in me, but how would i find out if the thermostat was stuck, and how would i unstick it?
relpace's only a $3-5 part. Getting to it may be another story all together. I really don't know if that's your problem though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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