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problems with idle?????????

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i've got a 94' GSR & lately the cars idle has been messed up. it will idle between 1k - 2k non-stop when ever i'm sitting at a stop sign. it doesn't matter weather i have my foot on the clutch or not it will still act up. my 87' civic si had the same problem but i never checked into getting it fixed, but i'd like to take care of it with the teg. i've heard this is a common problem with honda's & was wondering if anyone has had the same problem & how to fix it? any help would be great. thanks.:)
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Fast idle valve is gone or either it's the Throttle position Sensor. My 94 GS-R had that problem and it was my fast idle valve;)
im almost positive its your fast idle valve.....that isnt the most fun thing to replace but not too bad, look at paying $100-120 at the dealer to do not sure how much the part is.
I have the same problem on my 95 LS. Idle fluctuates when engines warm. Starting happening after the install of the throttle body. I don't know what to do, but its getting annoying.
you installed a throttle body? its gotta be your idle speed or your fast idle valve....the car would run really messed up if it was the tps
I don't think its the idle speed. I'm thinking may be the Fast Idle Valve or TPS. I say TPS because every now and again it does bog (like its struggling for fuel) in 1st. I'm also concerned that it may be the alternator (AL) signal.

It might be your Idle Air Control Valve. I've seen to GSR's with your prob, both were they're IACV.

'97 GSR

:sleep: up and down the rpm needle goes.....
thanks for all the ideas. is that valve a bitch to change or is it pretty straight forward? also where is it located under the hood?
which valve?

the fast idle valve is located near the throttle body and its not a BITCH to change, but its not easy either, just something that you wouldnt really wanna do, but its not too hard either.
I would get a manual if I were you. They are cheap and are very informative. I know some people say they are for beginners, but I disagree. Sure some of the stuff they have is dumb, like changing the oil, but a lot of the stuff they cover is a step by step proceedure for doing things. It has helped me a lot over the years.
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