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Problems with installing speakers on a 01 Accord Coupe

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Ok, here's the problem. My friend bought some infinity kappas for the front (6.5) and back(6x9) of his 01 Accord Coupe V6 EX. First off, we did the back, the are 6x9...the new speakers, infinity, wouldn't go all the way down. The mounting dept was too long, the base of the infinity was hitting the trunk springs. We needed about another 1/5 inches, the problem was solve with the bracket from the back of the grill but then the original speaker cover wouldn't go over. The new speaker cover wouldn't cover either. Help me! How can I fix this?

Next the front, oh my god, this too was a headache. First off, we had to use the black housing that held the orginal factory speaker. The new ones wouldn't fit all the way down, so we cut the orginal black factory housing that housed the speakers, used that and the two new speaker housing bracket, and we kinda force it down. It didn't turn out the way we expected when we put in back on and the
door panels wouldn't go all the way in near the speaker area. We got pissed and just did one....................soemone help us!
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The Kappas have very wide magnets and pretty deep mounting for a coxial. Honestly its gonna be hard to get them in. I would look and see if you can do some actual cutting of sheetmetal for the 6x9's to get them to fit, But if theyre hitting the springs and you mounted it where it doesn hit the springs, The cover is not gonna fit period unless you find a way which I dont know of any methods on how you can get it to fit. The fronts are also a pain, You might want to try some spacers and see if they work, But I think the tweets are still going to stick out alot. Try posting in the accord forum as well because im not too knowledgable about the newer accords. Hope that helps somewhat
With the rears you're probably going to have to find a more shallow speaker. The torsion bar in the trunk gets in the way and if you use a spacer to make the speaker fit, the factory grill won't go back on as you already know. Like he said, I would check the Accord forum to see what speakers might fit best.

The same goes with the front doors. You're probably going to have to use different speakers. I've heard of other people fitting 5.25" speakers in the front doors when 6.5" speakers wouldn't fit but that may not help you out in your case.
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