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Ok, here's the problem. My friend bought some infinity kappas for the front (6.5) and back(6x9) of his 01 Accord Coupe V6 EX. First off, we did the back, the are 6x9...the new speakers, infinity, wouldn't go all the way down. The mounting dept was too long, the base of the infinity was hitting the trunk springs. We needed about another 1/5 inches, the problem was solve with the bracket from the back of the grill but then the original speaker cover wouldn't go over. The new speaker cover wouldn't cover either. Help me! How can I fix this?

Next the front, oh my god, this too was a headache. First off, we had to use the black housing that held the orginal factory speaker. The new ones wouldn't fit all the way down, so we cut the orginal black factory housing that housed the speakers, used that and the two new speaker housing bracket, and we kinda force it down. It didn't turn out the way we expected when we put in back on and the
door panels wouldn't go all the way in near the speaker area. We got pissed and just did one....................soemone help us!
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