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I have a 94 gsr that has 123,000 and i get a loss of power and sputering while trying to drive from a stop, it also happens in all the other gears when i push the pedal down half way or about half throttle?
can anyone help me with this>?
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You should give your car a really, really, good tune-up. Since the car does have alot of miles on it, maybe you should think about working on your engine internals first before you start adding alot of bolt on's.

New cams, camshafts, valves, valve springs, retainers..........

This would restore and defintially add power.

Hope that helps out.

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change spark plug wires, and plugs.....and check for oil leeks throught the valve cover sparg plug seal....

:eek: I took out all four of my spark plug wires from the valve cover and they are all filled will oil i was like wtf
ok the nex step is to get a complete valve cover gasket kit....and if you can..replace the gaskets yourself...

replaced all the gaskets and now my car smokes like hell....
is it supposed to smoke for this long ,alot of oil fell into the cylender when i pulled the spark plugs out.....:mad:
it deosent smoke anymore but the problem with my car bogging and sputering is still there......?
anyone help me plz:(
well change the spark plug wires...and plugs
Alright did that and its not as bad as before but it still does it:mad:
hmmm....that means oil or coolant is gettin into the piston chamber...and when you start moving off from lower rpm levels up...the engine then burns it out (loosing power)..and then the car gets power when every thing is burnt out....


the spark plugs are not working....check the distributor...

i had both problems..and i fixed the oil leek...and then it was still i changed the plug wires...and it stopped...

--you might not have a way to go around taking it to a machanic and spending money....

good luck
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You think maybe its getting in through the valve cover gaskets for the spark plugs, i'm gonna try honda bond tomorrow and see whats up......:rolleyes:

btw when i took my spark plugs out they were white
so how to get past this problem of running to lean
check your Distributer cap and Rotor
about 20 bucks.

always start with the easiest things first.

take your car to get a compression test or do it yourself go to for instructions in the how-to section.
cost about 30 bucks

if your compression is bad then either your headgasket is shot(oil in coolant or coolant in the oil),piston rings or bad(have to do a leakdown test for this), or your head is cracked(they have a dye that they run through the head), piston has a hole in it, or your vavles are sticking.

good luck, keep us posted
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forgot to mention check to make sure the timing is 14-18 BTDC

have you changed your timing belt at all. its due every 70k. it might be stretched or worn.
hmm..i forgot to ask:

you still see smoke???
No its not smoking anymore....:)
I am thinking right now its head gasket or valve seals
I'm gonna get a compression and leakdown test tomorrow to see whats up with my engine

O btw which fuse in the fusebox is the one for fuel injection
the paper thingie on top that tells you flew away one day..:rolleyes:
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