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I have decide to take my car to track and see how she do. I manange to take care of all the little details that were bothering me like the heating issue, no leaks, gauges are install and operational.

My only problem is that my car is not tuned, but I have decided to do it the old fashion way, by looking at the plugs. Now I have been messing with the fuel pressure regulator and looking at the plugs to see how is running and so far im doing good. I forgot to mention that I will be running 10 pounds.

They say in a stock engine is not a good idea to go higher than 7 pounds, I figure since my car has eagle rods with vitara piston ARP studs and cometic gasket it should hold 10 psi without any problem.

Now my only concern is the fuel since I'll be using the stock 240cc injectors. Like I mention, I'm using the old fashion way of adding fuel via fuel regulator and checking the plugs. Also I have an FMU that I was planning on using with the 240cc but I don't know if this is a good idea. Now I do have a few questions that I hope you guys can help me out.
So before I get people screaming at me, I have 4 spare z6 engines in my garage, one of them is in the stand getting build as we speak (better over all build, Project "La Civica" Strikes Back, coming soon).

Here are a few questions or concerns that I have and I know a lot of d'holics can help me out or point me in the right direction.

1- sparkplug to use ( the ones that I was using the told me they are discontinue) so which are the ones to use if Im running 10 psi, and also how should I gap them?

2- Ignition timing, right now I have it as factory set, should I change this since Im gonna run 10 psi?

3 - I'm gonna be rolling my 15" Konig Heliums can remember the tires sizes but what pressure should I run on them at the track?

4-I don't have LSD, but I do have a LSD clutch kit capable of 400+ pouds of torque, stock axles will be used, I also don't have a track bar on the car so what will be a good launching rpm?

Im trying to see if theres anything else I should know about, so feel free to ad any sugestions or cencerns.
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