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projector lights (installation)

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my friend has a 92 civic, he got projector lights for his car and he was wondering if anyone knows a website that gives detailed installation instructions. thank you all for your help
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Here ya go...

Detailed Instructions for Installing Projector Lights (5th Gen Civic)

Removing the Bumper Cover:
- Remove the 5 screws that are along the top of the bumper cover, next to the hood latch.
- Remove the screw that attaches the bumper cover to the front quarter-panel, located in the wheel well - one on each side.
- Remove 2 bolts located beneath the bumper, on the underside of the car.
- Pull the bumper cover forward and out, set aside.

Removing the Stock Headlights:
- Remove the metal bracket in front of each headlight - 2 screws each bracket.
- Unscrew and remove your corner lights.
- Unbolt each headlight - 2 bolts on the top, 1 on the side and 1 in the front on the inner side of the assembly in a hole, 4 bolts for each light
- Pull the headlight assembly out, but be careful to not pull it out too far and yank the wiring.
- Disconnect the wiring from the headlight, set the assembly aside.

Connecting & Aiming the Projectors:
- Use the factory wiring and connectors to connect your projectors; you don't have to use the included wiring harness (*see note below).
- At this point, you should check the alignment of the projector beams because it's harder to adjust them once they're bolted in.
- Make sure your on level ground and face a wall or flat object to project your beams onto.
- If your beams are even and at the right level, then you're done.
- If your beams are not even, then you're going to have to use the adjusting screws located on the back of each headlight housing.
- There are 2 screws for each beam: 2 for the high beams and 2 for the low beams.
- One screw adjusts the horizontal (left and right) and the other screw adjusts the vertical (up and down).
- Turn the screws to adjust your beams, you may have to turn them a bit to see any difference because they only adjust the beam slightly with each turn.
- Be careful with your adjustments because you can accidentally turn it too far and have the screw fall out.
- While you're making your adjustments, you may need to adjust the beams and then bolt in the lights to check the alignment, and then remove them again to make more adjustments.
- Take your time here... you'll want to make sure you align your lights correctly so you won't have to worry about taking everything apart to make adjustments.
- Once the beams are aligned, your done.

Now just put your car back together and enjoy your new projection headlights!

* Note: You do not need to use the wiring harness in order to install your projector headlights. As I understand it, the extra wiring is provided if you want to run a different wattage bulb or if you want to have both beams running. I've been running my projectors with the factory wiring and connections and haven't experienced any problems.
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