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ProjectZC rodbearings

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Well I need a new ZC cause I broke mine. Well I had her all warmed up and I was doing some agressive driveing as usual. I have put over 20,000 miles on my ZC since I put it in last DEC 00. Well I guess my ZC had a pretty good amount of miles on it before I got it cause my rodbearings must have been wearing down. So after redlineing alot as I usualy do I came off the highway and she was knocking at 1500 rpms and 3200 rpms. Well shit so I took it apart only to find that cyl 1 and 2 were worn but not bad 4 was worn as well but 3 well 3 is another story. The bearing must have piggybacked and cut a nice grove into my crank. They were flat as could be and burned. Fucking crazy So to all you getting a zc or if you have one and like to drive it hard I suggest changing your rod bearings it is really easy to do and very worth it.

So if anyone knows where I can get another ZC in the Tristate area let me know. I am in PA and I can go pick it up myself.

I am thinking of rebuilding the ZC with a new crank and some high HP bottom end parts. Any suggestions.
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That is probably good advice for anyone buying a '40k mile' Japanese motor, not just the ZC. I am assuming that you were religious about doing oil changes, right?

well i know of a place in MD that has awsome prices on b16s if they get zcs i guess it would be cheap teh b16 are 900 for teh motor trans and ecu
Join the club. I blew the headagsket on my zc.:( It must have had a ot more miles than I had estimated. I now replaced it with a b16 so we will see what happens with this motor. So needless to say I feel what you are going through.:(
900 bucks for b16 engine, tranny, and ecu....thas a damn good price. thas worth some consideration.
problem is they dont ship anywhere but washington dc i have to go and pick it up 3 hr drive to get it but 900 bucks u know
i spun a bearing once, thats what got my whole bottom end done, figured if i had to take it apart i might as well build it while its apart right?? :D
Yeah I had plenty of oil and I changed it every 2 months Moble 1 10w 30. It was just rotten luck. So I will rebuild it better then before do it right. Untill then I need another ZC I would do the b16 but I need mounts axles and shif linkage and it puts me way over budget. If I can find a ZC for 500 or under I would be set.
My ZC starting knocking after only three days of running when I first put it in. I know it was due to an oil pump problem, so I replaced the oil pump and the rod bearings. Number three on mine was ticking, but I was lucky and caught it early enough before any damge could be done. It seems Honda's don't like the number three rod bearing very much, because every honda motor I have seen that thre a rod, it was always number three. Even my D15B2 engine that came in my CRX when I bought her, threw the number three rod on the way home ( I still drove it home that way - I was planning on yanking the engine anyway-LOL). Sorry to hear about the problems but it seems to be a common occurence. Good luck....:cool:
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