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Hi,I have posted in the HY-jdm fourm,with no answers yet.Here is my dilemma,I have a 90 crx with a b16a in it,and i have done a Brake swap witha 94 gsr set up.I need to know what proportional valve i can use.I was told to use a 95 ls non - abs,but it will not mount the same and all the lines will have to be re-bent,so what about using a 90-91 proportional valve 4040?I was told that the gsr calipers are larger then the standard integra,and a 90-91 valve will not provide enough fluid,for the larger calipers to perform at there best. Last But not least,what radiator can i use? How about a crx si radiator,is this good enough,or is there another radiator that will fit,and cool more efficient,and at the same time fit the brackets and holes of the stock radiator.

sorry for such a long post

your help is appreciated thanks
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