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PS3 Arcade Sticks.

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Anybody try out a good quality arcade stick for the PS3? Street Fighter 4 is not the same without one. :(

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You can try out the MadCatz SFIV TE Stick, which isn't bad (I know the guy who helped design it).

I would honestly just recommend getting a HORI HRAP though, that's what I've got. I've also got a VF Highgrade stick, but it's not really too good with SFIV because of it's gate.
Yeah, I got a commemorative Tekken HORI stick for my PS2. But I haven't seen one for the PS3 at my local Best Buys, GameStop, etc. I guess I got to dig a little deeper.

Mad Catz... :fear Oh well. I'll check it out with an open mind before I totally dismiss it.:tu
I wonder if something like this would work (although I have a sad feeling that it would not...)

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I am thinking of getting the mad catz stick, it should be able to work on my computer too no? mame here i come!
Aren't X360 titles and games made for Vista/XP supposed to be unified? If there's a difference between PS3 and X360 versions then I would imagine that the X360 one would work with PC's.

Here's a link:
Mad Catz Officially Licensed Street Fighter IV Accessories
I built my own arcade stick with some wooden boards I had lying around and some padding for cover. I bought the stick and buttons online and took the motherboard out of a ps2 controller and soldered them together. It's not the best but it's pretty neat and it feels really good playing on it. My stick is kind of messed up at the moment and it doesn't want to crouch right block and i'm too lazy to fix it.

You can purchase the ps2 to ps3/pc converter from ebay. I bought one for $10 and it even has a PS button so the ps3 can detect it. If you want a wireless one, you can buy a cheap PS3 wireless controller from madcatz or something and just take the motherboard from that.
PS2/PS3 converters don't work well with sticks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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