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PS3 controller not Wii Remote copy, says Harrison

Published: June 1, 2006 8:59 AM PDT

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide President Phil Harrison refuted claims that the company copied Nintendo's motion-sensing controller to German publication Spiegel Online in a report published on Wednesday.
While Sony revealed its new controller that includes six-axis motion detection months after Nintendo debuted the motion-sensing Wii Remote, Harrison claims that Sony has been working on the technology for a long time.

He adds that the new PS3 controller and Wii Remote are fundamentally different - Sony's version will be included in a standard two-handed Dual Shock controller, and Nintendo's will be incorporated into a one-handed remote.

Despite Harrison's rebuttal, Sony's motion-sensing Dual Shock was said to be a last-minute surprise to developers. Only the flight game Warhawk took advantage of the new feature at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Sony has also been required to leave out vibration in its latest controller in favor of motion-sensing features. The company claims that the vibration feature and motion-sensing abilities could not co-exist in the controller. However, most analysts cite Sony's unsteady legal battle against tactile feedback company Immersion for patent infringement as the leading culprit for the loss of Dual Shock vibration.
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