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Psikotic Si please respond

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Man I'm hunting you down just want know how much boost yah runnin on the sohc zc and hows it going. My sohc zc at the mechanics now I wana run 8 psi everyday intercooled and dyno tuned. What do you reckon?:D
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im running 8lbs of boost....but my setup is running pretty rich on the fuel side. rite now im saving u p for the zdyne gold ecu.8 lbs seems pretty safe to me...ive had no problems watsoever.
list yer setup so maybe ill give you some more opinions.....wats gonna handle yer fuel and stuff?
I've put most of my mods in my sig now, I've got a piggyback chip called Turbo Link. What it does is control up to 8 extra injectors but it doesn't control your primary injectors. It also retards the ignition timing to suit the boost. I've got an extra 3 2oocc injectors with custom fuel rail 20 cm before the throttle body in the inlet pipe. Supposed to mix with oxygen better this way when it hits the butterfly in the throttle body mixes it up. Anyway I am paying a pro to tune it for me, prolly to 8psi. What spark plugs you using? I'm prolly getting NGK 7 palladiums gold plated I think. Also what kind of oil ya using? Thanks for the reply .
Man also wondering do you know where I can get some good lockable bonnet pins.
not to sound like a dick or anything, but if you have a question directed at a single person, maybe you want to PM them...
We want you as a spell bound audience member to our brilliance and technical know how.:D
i use mostly mobil one synthetic oil...suppose to be the best. its best to use a synthetic oil for turbo setups. as for spark plugs its jes preference....i use bosch plat+4 plugs in my car....others use ngks that are a couple ranges colder.

how much did you pay for yer turbolink ECU?
The turbolink I got it 2nd hand $250 US then to tune and install its $300 US. So they run NGK 6 thats a pretty cold plug, my mechanic seems to think if I ran the sixes I'd be fouling them in traffic? Thnks for the help.
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