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PSIKOTICsi's sick ass CRX (pic!)

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props to PSIKOTICsi

that's all I can say

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didnt u have teh extreme front end before psikoticsi? i remeber when u first put teh wide body kit on it i like the xtreme front end better than the battlez
thanks alot for posting.....right when you put it up i was about to it...i signed for lycos and stuff.:)

eng: JDM sohc ZC, JDM sohc ZC ecu, custom turbo manifold, Turbonetics t3super60 turbocharger, Spearco FMIC(24"x8"x3"core)....u cant really see it because of my grill, Vortech FMU, hi-flo fuel pump, Tial 35mm wastegate, Greddy type-S bov, Bosch spark plug wires, Bosch plat+4 spark plugs, MSD6a w/ blaster 2 coil & modded distributor cap, 2.5"exhaust system w/ catco hiflo car & muffler, billet check valve, chrome valve cover, JoeP manual boost controller

int: Greddy turbo timer, Autometer boost/ air to fuel / voltage gauges, 4pt roll cage, gutted rear, Grant steering wheel when i feel like installing it, shorter stock shifter

jdmb18hatch....yeah i did have the front. the previous owner of the car molded the front bumper and doing so somehow molded the bumper support to the extreme bumper...i dunno how. since i couldnt get the bumper enforcement off the extreme bumper i had to buy another bumper. the shop had this bumper in stock to i bought it. in the summer im going to buy another extreme bumper and modify it for an intercooler like i did b4.
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That's a pretty sweet car. there's a few things i'm not a big fan of, like the wing. But overall its really sweet. i've got those same floor mats:p
your car looks sick....thats a good wide body conversion..yet it can still spank cars wid all those looks..yah guys should hear the blow off..its fuckin loud.
the kit and all...not a fan, but that is just IMHO
heres a pretty good image of the turbo and intercooler when i had it out of the car for smog reasons...back in december.
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whoops, that pic is teeny tiny
hope this makes it bigger
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if this dont work...then i give up
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Wow.... so you primered the whole car now, huh? I still have a phtoshop somewhere where i took your car and made it all red to see how it would look..... anyway, what color are you gonna paint it??? Man... i just love widebodies... but what happened to your rear, I know it like half homemade, but it doesn't look so good....:) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :
I like your floormats :D Sell them to me!

Nice work on the custom turbo!!!:) Cant wait till I see with a paint job, then you are going to turn heads while you turn wheels!!! Keep us posted on your work!!! What is your 1/4 time??? You have stock internals?? How much boost?? not yet done with the rear, when i get done with it itll look nice. jes gotta love those stock floormats:D

Elite CRX...itll be painted in the summer, probly the same color it was b4. i have stock internals on a stock clutch running on 8lbs of boost. im stuck saving up for a zdyne gold ecu. i havent ran the 1/4 mile yet but i ran in the 8th with a pathetic time....most of the time was spent at the starting line spinning the wheels too much.
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