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I just finished the installation of PSPEC Short Shifter Kit for my 98 SH and wanted to share my experience with those who are looking to purchase short shifter kit in near future.

Quality & Workmanship:
My overall impression was very good. The quality & finish of components was top notch. The kit came with all the parts & some tools in a nice packaging. Only negative thing I noticed was that its shift knob's finish is very prone to scratches (if you plan to buy their shift knob). It got easily scratched when I was shifting with ring on my right hand.

It was fairly easy job (took me about an hour), and their on-line instruction provided enough details to make the job even easier.

Post Installation Impression:
I personally never liked the long throw of my OEM shifter and was always looking for an upgrade. With this kit installed, shifter feels rock solid and throws are a lot shorter compared to stock. To give you guys some idea; it feels very similar to my friend's ITR shifter. Throws may not be as short, but it feels almost identical (which I think is a very good thing). It requires a bit more effort to row through gears, but by very tiny bit and it's nothing serious (I kind of like this extra stiff shifter feel as well).

Their web site also provides pictures of the installed product, so check them out (

Hope this helps.
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