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As most of you probably know I am the owner of PSPEC tuning. I make OE replacement short throw shifters for hondas with cable shifted transmissions. I currently have a group buy going for the 5th gen Accord which can be seen here.


I originally wanted 20 buyers for the discounted price of $99 plus S/H. I only have 11 so far and the group buy will be ending soon. The original shifter for the 5th gen was OEM height. I received a lot of requests about a shorter unit. So I revised the original shifter, its now roughly the same height as the OEM 4th gen Accord and Prelude shifters.

If you didn't already know, 4th gen Accord, 5th gen Accord, and 4th gen Prelude shifters share the same type of shifting mechanism. All the shifter parts are interchangeable between these cars except for the shifter frames. They are all basically the same design, with the only real changes being the shape of the base plate (frame) and shift arm. All the other parts are identicle between the three.

The OEM 4th gen prelude shifter has the most performance oriented design among the three OEMs but still has a long throw. The 4th gen Accord is the LEAST performance oriented, the throw is LONG in this car. All three cars benefit greatly from my shifter.

All three cars behave the same way with my shifter installed. Short, quick, positive shifts without the notchiness that is associated with adapters.

Im going to provide a group buy for 4th gen owers at the same discounted price of $99 + $10 S/H. That includes the Accord and the Prelude. I already have a installation tutorial in the works for both cars. They will be up on the net before the buys are over. Im going to try for a combined number of 20 buyers. Thats 10 buyers from the Prelude owners, and 10 from the Accord owners.

For now I will be taking paymets via PayPal through email. I am working on my own group buy website so I do not have to use forums like I did for the 5th gen group buy. It should be done by the end of the weekend. It will provide all the buyers with current information about the number of buyers and any updates with my company via email. Similar to how a forum works, once you join the buy, you will be informed by email every time a new person joins the buy or I post news at the site.

Its made from CNC machined steel. Tig welds hold it together. Its powdercoated autochassis gloss black. Please email me with any questions/orders. I'll keep the first buyers that join updated by emailing them. Once the site is up you will be notified automatically. Lets try to get to that combined number of 20 buyers!
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