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qtr mile time

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i want 2 know if any would know what 1/4 mile time i should run in my 87 hf rex, mods include exhaust(str8 piping), plugs,wires, short shifter, stage 3 clutch, new airfilter, new tranny,and running on some stocks?
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high 15s or later
that's what CRX# 3 runs, it's an HF with the stock Si engine
CRX#2 runs high 14s , highly modified DX
and CRX#1 runs high low 14s (14.2) it's a highly modified Si
she's the best.

do you have headers+ exhaust, or just exhuast shit?
any carb mods?
how much hp does a 87 crx hf have bone stock?
I think it's like 78

but they are hella light!

the only big bolt on i have is str8 piping with exhaust and the clutch(with flywheel) and it does pretty damn good with the little mods i do have.ieither beat or atleast took them off the line and they came back in 3rd gear. i actually took a mustang 4 two gears it was an automatic friend had an ls integra with intake, header, exhaust, cam gear and the lsd tranny and i took him off the line but came back in 3rd.. soon as i hit 3rd my horsepower REALLY sucks.. id guess i would get into high 15s..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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