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question about greddy exhaust

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looks like I will be getting a greddy exhaust, either an sp or evo.
My question is this: Will it sound low and deep at low rpm's?
I am not interested in high rpm's (i.e. above 4000) -- I dont race, I basically am wanting just the sound while cruising and/or normal everyday driving. I would like it to be noticeable, but not ridicously or illegally loud. (e.g., when I cross an intersection, I want people to be able to hear it while they are waiting at the red light).
I do a lot of low speed driving, i.e, parking lots at school, and I want to be heard.

any other brands that qualify for these characteristics, please post them.
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what has a deeper sound the evo or the sp?? ive always wondered...
GReddy is nice, and it is legal. This is a clip taken from their website regarding California Noise Laws:

"This procedure specifies a limit of 95 dB(A) measured 20 inches from the exhaust pipe outlet with the engine operating in neutral, typically at a speed of 3000-5000 rpm. (For comparison, a modem rotary lawn mower with a 5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine typically emits approximately 93 dB(A) at the same distance at full speed under no load.) It applies only to passenger vehicles. It does not apply to motorcycles or to vehicles over 6000 pounds gross weight."

I have an EVO. It has a nice deep sound for low rpm cruising, yet not too loud and obnoxious.
sp is a sleeper style eshaust, just like the apex ws , you will hardly hear it until full throttle, evo produces a nice deep tone when accelerating, and when cursing at high rpms, it wont drown everything out
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