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question about headers

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are the 1 piece headers better than the 2 piece headers?
i'm refering to the dc sports headers

what about 4-2-1 vs. 4-1?

and ceramic vs. stainless??

any suggestions?

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I don't know whether there is much of a difference between the 1 and the 2 piece. As for ceramic vs. stainless steel, ceramic will disperse heat better, but the stainless will last longer. Personally I like the stainless better, cause who the heck wants to buy another new header a couple years down the road.
A 4-1 header tends to give you more top end power whereas the 4-2-1 tends to give you more mid-range power. For daily driving, the 4-2-1 header is a better choice.

For installation, a one-piece header is a bitch to install. You'll most likely need to remove the radaitor fan and the a/c condensor fan to have enough room to install a one-piece header. A two piece header is MUCH easier to install.

Ceramic tends to keep the heat inside the header better, so you'll have less heat inside the engine bay, but the coating chips and the header cracks over time. Stainless loses heat much faster, thus more heat in the engine bay, but they last much longer than ceramic.
1 piece is a lot harder to install than a 2 piece...if u have a/c

Try this link, it has some goodpoints on header, and it even has some charts and pictures of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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