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Question about NoS

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I recently put on a 75 shot of Nitrous. I got this guy to hook it up for me and he bought the stuff and i just payed him. He supposively knows what he is talkin about. I dont really know, but he said it should be fine without making any other adjustments. I was wandering if yall think i should do anything else that is nessessary for the best performance. I took it to the track and was pretty dissapointed. I went from a 15.88 to a 15.47. I was also wandering if this was a normal decrease in time. I thought it would be alot faster. The bottle was almost empty (probably about 2 lbs) and was pretty hot, but i dont have a bottle heater. If there are any of yall that have a 75 shot, how much did yall cut off your quarter mile time?
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you should be running a hell of a lot faster than that w/ a 75 shot. you should definitely be at least in the mid 14's. something must be wrong w/ your system, get the guy who installed it to check it out.
thanx man, I knew something wasnt right, that pisses me off but oh well. i'll get it checked out.
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