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Question for everyone

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Hey i was wandering if anyone has their stock EX sideskirts for a 98-02 accord v6. I have a silver LX with black sideskirts. I know alot of yall have body kits and i was just wandering if anyone would like to sell there stock sideskirts. Email me if you have some silver ones or anyother color, perferrably silver though. I guess could get them painted if you have a different color though. thanx. [email protected]
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go to and see how much they are...theyre pretty cheap...y would u want to buy side skirts off of someone who doesnt have silver...its gonna cost like 200-300 to repaint it to ur color...and u can prolly get da side skirts from da site i told u for less than 250 im assuming...peace
yup i jus checked for u and they have side skirts for ur car(silver) for $186.40!!! arent u glad i replied:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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