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Question on 92-95 civic EX Greddy Turbo kit for 00 Civic EX..

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i have a 00 Civic EX..(D16Y8) im thinking about getting a Greddy Turbo kit but they only make kits for the 92-95 civics (D16Z6). My question is are the blocks the same / similar that the kit will match up fine with my D16Y8 block? I have a DC 4-2-1 Header. I looked up the part number for it and it matches up with the 92-95 civic ex part number. So im guessing all should go smoothly right?
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cool thanks turbo...what kinda mods would have to be made to the downpipe ?
i have the Apexi N1 Exhaust..when i installed it i measured the diameter and it was 2 and 3/4 inch...isnt that pretty close for turbo applications?
cool thanks for the gonna try n see how it goes with the exhaust i have now..i plan on getting a high flow cat with the turbo to free up the airflow..hopefully that will help..if anything i'll just get custom 3" piping. The diameter that i have now (2.75)seems a little in between 60mm(2.36) and 80mm (3.14). Do you think it will be fine ?
aight cool..if i took out my cat..i wouldnt have a problem when it comes time for my car to get an inspection would i ?
hehe here in NY we gotta bring our car in for inspection make sure everything works and also that it doesnt polute the air with high levels of carbon monoxide or some sh*t..i wanna keep my car a daily driven street legal race car..Thats why i decided to go with the greddy kit. now all i gotta do is find a 50state legal hi flow cat =). Thanks for all the info though man. good lookin out
oh a couple more other things..since im on a tight budget..I can only get the Turbo kit and maybe 2 or 3 other things...i probably would have to live without the intercooler for a little bit. but i was thinking of getting a blow off valve, turbo timer, and gauges with my kit. do you think thats the main things i would need ? or should i upgrade the fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel rail, and fuel injectors first ?
cool thanks again..i plan on staying with the preset boost level (5.5-6psi) since im running on stock internals also the fact that i have an auto... im not going to up the boost..just going to keep it at that level. My team tells me to swap out the tranny and everything swap out the engine...but i wanna be different and stay with the stock engine and auto tranny...i have faith in the D-series and i dont think anyone around here Turbocharged a D-series it would be something different i guess..i've always wanted to smoke an Si or GSR and tell that person that "This is a Singe Overhad Automatic.." :D. Since i have an auto and my foot doesnt have to let off the gas to switch gears i would be running full boost through out the rpm range until i let my foot of the gas right ? I also only have 4 gears so the Turbo would benefit alot would it ?
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I was looking at a level 10 torque converter. That would hold my tranny up for a while right ?
aight thanks again..time for me to go to sleep now...4am right now over here..check you laters..peace bro
maybe this site can help..i believe he installed one on a hope this helps..peace
Thanks..this site is just what i need when i get my turbo. im gonna follow the exact same instructions..if it worked for you guys i guess it should work for me =)
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