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Question on 92-95 civic EX Greddy Turbo kit for 00 Civic EX..

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i have a 00 Civic EX..(D16Y8) im thinking about getting a Greddy Turbo kit but they only make kits for the 92-95 civics (D16Z6). My question is are the blocks the same / similar that the kit will match up fine with my D16Y8 block? I have a DC 4-2-1 Header. I looked up the part number for it and it matches up with the 92-95 civic ex part number. So im guessing all should go smoothly right?
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aight thanks again..time for me to go to sleep now...4am right now over here..check you laters..peace bro
does anyone know what it takes to get the greddy turbo kit to fit the d16a6 in the crx? heh i'd like to stay fifty state legal too... peace...
maybe this site can help..i believe he installed one on a hope this helps..peace
it will fit perfect!!!!! i have 99 civic EX and i installed everything myself. if u need more info, hit me up! or check out everything u need is on that site. i also have my own written instructions that is fool proof. keep in mind that u will need to convert the blue box to an obd2 ECU. i also have that wiring conversion.

Like thermal said. It bolts right up, no modifications need to be done to any part of the turbo kit for it to work except for wiring the blue box. I did it myself as well, and is a great site to have all of your other questions answered.

later, and good luck,

aj :)
Thanks..this site is just what i need when i get my turbo. im gonna follow the exact same instructions..if it worked for you guys i guess it should work for me =)
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