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I'm running the following :
B18c1 (GSR motor, stock)
JRSC 11 psi
RC 310 injectors
Bosch in tank fuel pump (HUGH)
Cartech 2005 fuel pressure regulator
B&M fuel pressure regulator (for idle) 30 psi
STR exhaust cam gear
Type R exhaust cam
mild ported head
Kamikaze headers, with 2.5' collector
Holley throttle body
3 " intake PVC cold air intake tube
3" Full straight exhaust
J&S safeguard (prevents detonation by retarding timing )
8 mm NGK plug wires
NGK BKR 7 E-11 plugs
clutchmasters stage 4 clutch
V-AFC vtec and fuel controller
no ignition upgrades (MSD etc..)

my questions are :

1. Are my RC 310 injectors adequate enough for the 11 psi and 35 shot ?
2. Can i run bigger injectors, (440s) without the use of a computer controller. I only have V-AFC ?
3. What plugs should i run and gaps ?
4. ive heard different stories about running nos and fule thru charger, whats the deal ?

thanks to anybody who can help me out.


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310s are definitely on the small side. 440s will run pig rich at idle but will come closer to stoich as the rpms rise. V-AFC should be able to control them, but nothing will be as good as a standalone, and if that were the case, you could get rid of your cartech at the same time, and go for some 720s or something. Go with a dry 25 shot first, then move up to a 35 shot if you think it's safe. Running fuel through the blower is what eats the rotor coating so a dry shot is recommended. Get 2-3 step colder copper plugs, and gap them at .030
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