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Hey guys,

I have an alpine 200w amp and a jbl 1200 watt amp as well. I was wondering what fuses to use that can handle the power on a 0 gauge power wire( the one from the battery) and on the 4 gauge wire (the wire from the distributor block to the 1200 watt amp). Also, can everyone know where I can get them? Thanks.


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well, the easiest way to tell is look at the fuse ratings on both of your amps. I am assuming that the alpine amp pulls around 20-30A and correct me if im wrong, but the JBL has 3x40A fuses. Just add up the rating on the fuses on both amps and theres your fuse size for the main power wire.

As for the Distribution blocks, are they fused distribution blocks or are they solid?

The fuses can be found at pretty much any auto parts store for AGU (wafer) fuses, but i prefer ANL fuses. Dont know where you would find them around you, but some car audio shops may have them or you can look on
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