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I'm looking into doing a B18 swap (with a USDM engine) and then getting it reffed. Now I don't know the gist of this, and I don't have the money for the engine yet, but I wanted to see if I could get some info on this first.

Now I've heard when you take it to ref, you want to have either everything stock, or corresponding with the engine you have, confused on that. Do you need everything to match up with what basically comes stock with that engine (for example, if you got an LS b18, do you have to have everything that would come in a stock LS with the same engine?)

I'm looking into getting a B18C1 GSR engine, with complete change over from h-motors (I've heard they're pretty reliable, but I'm still looking). To my knowledge the complete changeover comes with everything under the hood, the harness, ecu...etc. Now if I got that, put everything in properly, and it was smoggable (as USDM engines are), should it pass state BAR in ca?

Also, is there a price to get your car inspected, I swore I heard $100 somewhere, but I can't remember...and is it true if the ref doesn't pass your car you gotta tow it back?

Any more info much appreciated.
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