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It seems that this "liitle incadent" has drawn a lot of attention. My question is, "Why?"

Does it REALY matter that TSI members leave links of any kind on this board in the first place? Especialy if that link has something to do with del Sol's in general. Isn't that the who point of a message board?

I'd safely assume that a good 70-80% of the people in this forum right now ARE in fact Team Sol International members, or at least Team Sol members from other local chapters. So, what's the point of "regulating a long time standing rule" NOW, when the only people who'll be seeing it are members of the same organization, who'll end up seeing it somewhere else anyway? Even pasted to the sides or tops of our cars? And if not here on this board, then on one of the OTHER boards devoted to del Sol's around the internet.

In my mind, a message board is like a job.

If you don't like what they tell you to wear, the time they tell you to show up, or the way your hair needs to be combed. Go look for another job. Or, just quit, and start your own. Like I did.

The way your rules stand right now, I can't even post a picture of my car as a signature because it has my corporate website up the side of it in 8 inch tall Arial block letters. I find this personaly and professionaly insulting, but as you can see from the lack of my signature, I'll abide by your rules. But I don't have to LIKE the fact that I can't even show other Sol'ers what my car "LOOKS" like due to your regualtions. So, the hell with it, I guess you'll just have to find my site or board to see it, but I can guarantee this.....

I sure won't and DON'T tell people what they can and can't post on my board. If it's in bad taste, or a blantant attempt to steal my customers, then I simply reply with "Hey, that's poor taste, this is my livelyhood here. Please refrain. I can't make you do it, but please have some respect." But I'll be damned If I'll tell someone that their signature is taking anything away from what I have to offer. Hell one of the best cars I've EVER built is now sponsored by another corporation, and I still have his picture on my HEADER!

But, I built that car. So I'll advertise it for him freely, without care of what's to become of my business in doing so. My name is still on his car, but only on the windshield banner. I'd rather take pride in my work, do quality work, and have a customer base of trustworthy people who WANT my personal services than play God with what can and can't be said or shown, either on my site or even in the bays at my shop. I'm secure in my business because of who I am, and how I conduct myself. And my customer base follows me for that reason. Not that I'm the cheapest, or the bast even. But because of who I am, and the way that I trust both myself, and others.

If my customers or posters see behavior or postings on my board that are attempting to take business from me, then 90% of the time, they catch it before I do. Good business has a lot to do with a little word called "TRUST". If you imply that everything everyone says is "trustworthy enough to not NEED regulation," then what does it say about your personal trustworthyness?

I think you've said a lot about yours.

Tim Wakeling
pres. Team Sol Motor City
(purposely leaving off my corporation name)
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deleted? I actualy thought it was good reading.

No suprise to me, but in case you hadn't noticed, I didn't say "Basicly what everyone else was saying" like Mike_Sho had the fine opportunity to mention for me.

My point exactly.

And by the way.

to Him, it matters. And the fact that most of the people here are TSI members doesn't mean squat either. I guess the number of people that I have personally referred here doesn't matter. I guess the link that we had on TSI to here doesn't matter. Its just bad etiquette to ostracize a group of people that already frequent your board. I understand the rules, but the signature thing was never an issue from before. I had a signature with links in it on the old version.
well, just remember.......

On my corporate board, anything goes.

"Let the free Internet Reign!!!"

Tim Wakeling
pres. Team Sol Motor City

(purposely "left in" my corporate signature and team affiliation this time)
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I clicked on it. Very nice.
i thought he said no ad's, like as in links to a website... he obviously doesn't care if you post a picture of your car and it has the name of a shop on the side of it... you guys are taking this way further than it needs to go
Del La Sol said:
i thought he said no ad's, like as in links to a website... he obviously doesn't care if you post a picture of your car and it has the name of a shop on the side of it... you guys are taking this way further than it needs to go
Umm...I think he DOES care. Look he deleted my sig picture.
yeah I think "someone" is being quite childish.. but hey.. whatever float his boat..

sorry jago about your sig.. guess you should be sent to the corner.. lol.. that is just dumb.. cant even put your car in your sig.. this is getting way out of hand. someone's ego is getting the best out of him I guess. go to hondalife and chill where team sol is supported as well and not banned.

TEAM SOL Member #275
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