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What kind of times would be possible with a 1991honda civic hatch back with a b16a in it .thanks
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mid 15's? assuming its just a stock b16 with no other mods
i have a 90 hatch and i ran a 15.3 in palmdale with just intake, cam gears, ls tranny, and fuel rail+regulator....i then ran a 13.9 at pomona on the bottle with the same mods..50 shot NOS....with my new headers, exaust, and a JDM ITR head Im looking at low 13's...all of these times are on cheater slicks...
ive seen 14.30s. with i/h/e and a good driver. for an average driver, i would say mid14s to low 15s.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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