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questions about '00 gauges ...

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I've heard some stories about the gauges being lit up by #168 bulbs. I've got a few questions and it'd be great if someone could help me out on this ...

how many bulbs light up the gauges?

do you think if i replaced the bulbs with some Piaa Plasma Blue ones, i'll get a reverse indiglo look?

any help would be cool. i'm not too sure if it's lit up by the #168's ... but i really can't stand the original colors
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It's 5 194 bulbs..i replaced mine with Raybrig Hyper Blue and the overall illumination is lower than the stock bulbs but its bright enough and easier on the eyes than cheesy indiglos.
someone needs to clear this confusion up once and for all...

before AV6 went down, I posted a question on the 168/194 bulbs in the gauge cluster because I wanted to change 'em to LED from autodynamic. I got the 5 bulb AND a 7 bulb response. I will probably take it apart sometime when i get a chance to see for myself. I don't really care about the warning lights because i think they should be orange/red for warning purposes...but if anyone has a firm answer...please post.
For those gauge lights how do you get them out. Which way do you turn them. clockwise or counter-clock. I tried and it was hard as hell to get off so I just said forget it.
grab the black end caps with pliers and twist counter-clockwise...lefty loosey righty tighty DUH
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