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I have a k20a2 swap in my eg. Here are a few minor problems that I am confused about. Anyone know whats wrong?

Car has a hard time starting when it hasn't been started for a couple hours. Even harder when its cold. It will start then drop rpms and turn off. Sometimes it tanks 7-8 cranks and finally it'll stay on and once you get it driving it runs AMAZING with no problems what so ever. I can turn it off when going into a gas station or getting some food for 20-30 minutes come out and it starts up perfect.

The car smells as if it is using A LOT of fuel on start up. There is a kill switch for the car that turns off the fuel pump. The fuel pump even when the key is at ACC never stops chiming.

Car also idles at 2 grand once it warms up. Is there something I can do to adjust this or is it solely because it doesn't have k-pro?
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