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quick ? for micheal jackson owners

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hey whats up people ..i have a question..i have a 97 integra ls wiht bolt ons ,clutch.safc, and a few of other shit here and there..what do u really have to have to run the supercharger like what are the basic shit ...fuel pump? and im also getting a flywheel i heard that helps alot tool...

alright thanks if u wanna post and help me ..and for those that dont post suck my grendle ... keep it cheap george
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spark plugs
emgine management
fuel pump
Not sure if you want to lighten flywheel, have heard somet hings that you dont want to do that with forced induction. Dont remember why, but...
it is perfectly safe to use the lightened flywheel, I don't know where you heard it was bad with FI, it is is acctually better to get it...sorry, just my .02
Yes, a lightweight flywheel is ideal for any kind of application. I'm running a ClutchMasters aluminum lightweight flywheel, (7 lbs.) in my 2000 JRSC'd ITR. The acceleration difference is very noticable with a flywheel half the weight of my stock unit. The car builds revs really quickly and combined with the JRSC makes for one hell of a combination.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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