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This is my resume that i put togther a little while ago... i dont know many computer heads to review it.... so what do you guys think???

any help is greatly apprciated

Joseph R. Lanza
Network Administrator

Joseph Lanza oversees all LAN/WAN network operations. He monitors and maintains network security and stability of two Windows 2000 servers and 20 Win9x/Win2000 nodes operating in a Windows environment. Mr. Lanza conducts performance tuning of servers to improve system efficiency and establishes schedules for back-up tapes. He also conducts performance benchmarks for each server. He has designed, implemented and maintained a fully functioning website with Pop3 email access for all users.

Mr. Lanza has installed all TCP/IP networks, wiring, interface cards and software and has configured and administered all subnets. All NIC’s and IP schemes, IRQs, ports and software have been configured by Mr. Lanza. He has purchased computers, and installed and maintained all software. He is also in charge of building and upgrading workstation and server PC’s, installing disk drives and all other add-on hardware. Mr. Lanza trains staff in use of software and provides technical support for more than 17 in-house users regarding connectivity or application support, and often assists with database issues. All installation and troubleshooting of software and hardware is conducted by Mr. Lanza. He instructs staff in network operation, Windows 9x/2000/XP, Microsoft Office, Internet applications and several custom tailored appraisal software suites.

Professional Qualifications

3/2001 through Present- Has built and maintained computers and networks for home and small office users and provided them with regular support, assistance as well as upgrades and fixes to common problems.

12/2000 through Present - Briarcliffe College- The College for Business and Technology, Bethpage, NY

Currently pursuing an Associates Degree in Networking and Computer Technology
Areas covered include:
o LAN Administration
o Tcp/Ip connectivity
o Windows 2000 Server
o N.T. Workstation and Server
o Network Security/Port Probing/ Virus protection
o PC Hardware and Repair
o Basic Electronics
o Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance

1,462 Posts
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yeah, im not asking that, im asking about the content.... i dont have it layed out yet... my girlfriend is going to do that b/c she is literally an expert in graphic design...

how do you think the content is? and do you think my experience counts as much as having the MS/A+ etc certifictaions on paper?
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