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Hey people, fairly new here.
recently bought a project civic. It’s a 1997 Civic Coupe had a GSR engine along w matching trans. Got it for a good deal only problem being owner said he believe it had piston ring failure. That being said did a compression test cylinder came back below the 10% line between cylinders started taking the engine apart and the ring indeed was the problem. This is my current situation. The head is in the machine shop it is getting super tech valves and just the seals done that’ll be all. But the bottom end does have a little lip in the cylinder that honing would not get out. I want to bore it to 82mm but have a question on what pistons to go with I will be using Stock rods, acl bearings and arp head studs with a cosmetic head gasket. Just want your all’s opinion on what pistons to go with. Thanks people. Here’s some pic of the build. Trying to get here done right as the previous owner cut some short cuts through the build. Thank you all.
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