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Quick! What's the cheapest(and most reliable)place I can get Clutchmasters Clutch!?

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My local dealers can order me a stage 1 Clutchmasters clutch for my B16 swap for $320($350 with tax!) and I wanted to know if you guys know a place I can order it cheaper!!

This is the last component I need for my swap and then my rex goes under the knife for the operation....any suggestions?? I tried but couldnt find the clutch I was looking for. Any other online retailers?? it has to be a stage 1. Thanks guys!

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320? man.. you can get a Centerforce stage II clutch kit for less than that!

clutchmasters is basically OEM, right?
the stage II centerforce is a very streetable clutch, and it will definately handle some mods (I have it on my nitrous car) I've never experienced the stage III
Stage I has good feedback, it shou;ld serve it's perpose in the B16
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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